[amsat-bb] Re: Launch Costs (was-re: AMSAT-BB Digest, Vol. 7, Issue 312)

Trevor . m5aka at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Sep 25 05:05:17 PDT 2012

--- On Tue, 25/9/12, Daniel Schultz <n8fgv at usa.net> wrote:
> According to Google there are 33 teams vying for the Google Lunar X 
> Prize. Where are these groups getting the money for their launch to 
> the moon? 

I'm not aware that any of the groups yet has the money to buy all the launches each team will require. 

Like many amateur space projects they are relying on funds being raised as the project progresses. 

>From what I've seen a number of groups are aiming for a CubeSat launch into Low-Earth-Orbit and then plan to use some form of propulsion, ion etc to get their CubeSat spacecraft to the Moon. Given the fact that such CubeSat propulsion systems are currently unproven in space this means X-Prize Teams will end up flying one or more likely two test CubeSats first to prove their designs. So assuming the propulsion designs work there could be some test CubeSats ending up in quite nice orbits.

> What if we offer to provide the communications system for one 
> of these lunar missions. Provide one transponder/telemetry/command 
> system for the lunar vehicle and build another one to drop off in HEO 

I gather there are already radio amateurs working with some of the teams and it's certainly a good idea for amateurs to get involved in such projects.

73 Trevor M5AKA

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