[amsat-bb] I have the answer!

Mon Sep 24 17:02:22 PDT 2012

AMSAT needs to form a union, overpay it's employees, then the leadership 
can tell the US government that if we don't get a massive infusion of 
taxpayer dollars that AMSAT will have to file for bankruptcy, therefore 
putting all of those high paid union employees out of a job, and as a 
side bar we can tell them that we are doing solar panel research as well.

Hell with the way this president likes to throw money away, I figure 
we'll have over $500,000,000.00 by election day(isn't that what they 
gave that solar cell company a few months ago?)

You boy's at HQ gotta think outside the box! we could put transponder on 
the moon with that kinda cash!

I think I'll go listen to some telemetry to soothe my jangled nerves!

See how easy that was to solve!

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