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Mark Spencer mspencer12345 at yahoo.ca
Sun Sep 23 13:26:45 PDT 2012

Just out of curiosity what would a reasonable estimate of the launch costs be for a P3E class satellite ?

Mark Spencer
VE7AFZ (long lapsed former AMSAT member (: )
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> Hi!
> Since this discussion started around the topic of the 700
> ballots AMSAT-NA received for the Board election, let me
> add one point to that thought.  Thanks to those who
> voted
> in the election, whether or not you voted for me. 
> Thanks
> for taking the time to consider each person who was on the
> ballot, and for selecting the person or persons you voted
> for.
> > Amsat is living in a brave new world where launches are
> fully commercialized
> > and nobody gets a free ride anymore. We will either
> adapt to that paradigm
> > shift or we will cease to exist.
> This is the point some want to overlook.  It is
> unfortunate
> that we are not able to get the free or extremely cheap
> launches that we had in the past.  When there are more
> satellites to be launched than launches, the launch
> providers
> set the prices.  Other than some opportunities like
> has for Fox-1 from NASA, the days of free launches are
> pretty much a thing of the past. So we adapt to the new
> reality.

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