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TO All,
This is just another thread documenting Pioneers, (the ones with the arrows
in their backs). Isn't this the same as 200 Meters and down that happened
almost 100 years ago? 
The experts at the time decided any communications on frequencies above
1,500 KHz would only carry a hundred miles or so and were useless for most
communications. Everything above 1,500 KHz was given to the Radio Amateurs
to experiment with. Once the experts were proven wrong, the government took
most of the spectrum from the Radio Amateurs, assigning it to commercial and
government interests. 

Amateur Radio Operators pioneered communications by satellite with the OSCAR
satellite series. Communications by Satellite has been led by Government and
Commercial interests since the 80's of the last century. At least this time
they haven't reassigned spectrum, but government support is no longer
provided for experimentation or emergency communication via satellites. 

New innovations now come from groups, not individuals because of the
combination of skills needed in engineering to develop a new innovation. It
is difficult to assemble a group of Amateur Radio Operators with the needed
skill sets to compete with commercial development and the development of
IC's to support new technology is economically beyond our reach. The days of
Edison and Bell with new inventions are gone. 

If we all hit the lottery, would we rush out and buy a launch for a HEO? 
Amateur Radio Operators represent 1/2 of 1 % of the US population, even the
politicians have no interest in us. 


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Ok..then I can do this.
No HEO so I wont pay my dues. I think AMSAT Italia should start right now
building a real satellite. I have been waiting and complaining for years.
Why wont they build it. Come on who cares about money just do ir so I can
stop writing daily about how schools are stealing our frequencies. When did
hams own frequencies? Nevermind. Beep sats and bleep sats and leo sats and
easy sats are all suck sats so I will not support any AMSAT

So how about I post that again and again day after day, week after week,
month after month. You can after all simply delete it when you see the
subject line.

John, AG9D
On Sep 23, 2012 1:36 AM, "TuZZio" <fabio_selva at virgilio.it> wrote:

> Il 22/09/2012 23.00, John Spasojevich ha scritto:
> > Then I guess we won't have to read any more complaining e-mail anymore
> >
> > John, AG9D
> Sorry to say but after the first reading, you can suppose the e-mail
> content from the subject, so you always have the "Canc" key; let people
> expose their free opinions until their are in topic.
> Good DX - 73 - I0NLK
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