[amsat-bb] The thrill of it all

Thomas Doyle tomdoyle1948 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 13:01:56 PDT 2012

Old geezers like me are prone to ramble on so please cut me a little slack.

Almost 50 years ago I made my first contact on Ham Radio. While
waiting for my novice license to arrive I got my station up and ready
to go. The license arrived in the mail and I rushed into my room
plugged in my only crystal, tuned up my DX-35 on 40M and made a
contact. I let out an uncontrolled cheer when the guy came back to me.
My mother rushed into the room afraid that I had hurt myself. I told
her that I was ok and had just made my first contact. She asked me
where the other station was located and I told her that he was in
Milwaukee (about 90 miles to the west of our QTH). She said politely
"Oh! Milwaukee". It was thrilling for me.

A short while ago. I had a nice CW contact on FO-29 with a Ham in
Illinois. Since I live in the Packer state, Illinois is not very far
away.  It was thrilling for me.

73 W9KE Tom Doyle

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