[amsat-bb] Satellites

Sat Sep 22 15:55:15 PDT 2012

I guess I am fortunate, I just came to satellite radio about 15 months 
ago, I missed out on the HEO's  and all of the great "Good Old Days" of 
satellite radio,  but in those short 15 months that I have been on the 
satellites I have some how managed to work 669 grid squares, confirm 581 
of them (and Yuri still owes me 40), I have worked all 50 states on the 
satellites, I managed to work all but 1 of the Canadian provinces, 
worked 11 European countries, 8 or so Central American countries and 5 
South American countries. While this may not seem like anything to the 
people that had the opportunity to make use of the HEO satellites, it 
has been a hell of a lot of fun for me.

In the last week I have had no less than 2 contacts with stations that I 
was their 1st satellite contact.

I may not agree with how things are being handled with AMSAT, I damn 
sure can't get enough information to suit me but I am not going to quit 
operating the satellites until there ain't nothing to work up there.

And by the way, I worked all of my contacts with 2 M2 terrestrial 
antennas set at a fixed elevation of about 20 degrees and they are 
mounted on a Glen Martin 8' Tower on my back deck.

One thing for certain if you get off the satellites you have for sure 
made your last satellite contact, Heck with all the "beeping" & 
"booping" birds that are going up all that will be needed is a bunch of 
SWL's to listen to the telemetry!

That's my humble opinion!
Everyone have a nice day

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