[amsat-bb] FITSAT-1

tanaka at fit.ac.jp tanaka at fit.ac.jp
Wed Sep 19 21:50:03 PDT 2012

JAXA plans to deploy five cubesats from ISS at the early
morning on 28th September. The first two satellites (RAIKO, 
WE WISH) are deployed around 00:10 - 00:20 JST by manually.
The second three satellites (FITSAT-1, NanoRacks,and TechEdSat)
are deployed around 01:30 - 01:40 JST by remote. JST(Japan 
Standard Time) advances 9 hours from GMT. JAXA will broadcast
the deployment:
FITSAT starts to send the beacon 30 min after deployment.
Please send the signal report and your postal address to 
fitsat1 at hotmail.co.jp and also cc to tanaka at fit.ac.jp. 
You will receive the verification card shown in:
The orbit is almost the same as ISS. FITSAT delays 200m 
from ISS for one cycle around the world. As it goes around 
16 times a day, it delays 3.2km per day. If 10 days passed, 
FITSAT passes the same point of ISS after 4 sec (32km/8km=4).
The beacon frequency 437.250MHz of FITSAT-1 conflicts with 
the satellite PRISM of Tokyo Univ.  Please confirm that the 
CW starts "HI DE NIWAKA JAPAN ..."
Takushi Tanaka

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