[amsat-bb] A little antenna advice needed

James Luhn luhn at wt.net
Wed Sep 19 15:54:33 PDT 2012

I need some antenna advice.  I ended up with two Elk and two Arrow 
beams.  I thought about using two of the Elk antennas on a boom stacked 
horizontally.  Would this be worth the effort?  I am a little unsure 
about how far apart they would need to be to perhaps have some added 
gain.  Seems like I remember seeing a photo of someone with a couple of 
the Elks mounted horizontally.  I have a Cushcraft or a M2 coax divider 
that could be used.  Am I just farting in the breeze or would it be 
worth the time to put the antennas together?  BTW, I always put my 
antenna on a tripod while working the satellites.  I am not a very good 
"one armed paper hanger".

Thanks & 73s

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