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Hi Bob,

Using a calibrated camera on the Sun is a good system to point the
antenna on the Moon only when there are no clods and when the
sky is clear.

On the other side a well calibrated control box on the Sun Noise is a
goood system to point the antenna at the Moon with any wheader
condition even with clods and this make the difference.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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> I'd say that differently...
> Nothing wrong with using the camera.  But your point is well taken to
> calibrate the camera to the BEAM by first pointing at the sun.  Then (if
> your camera survives) the camera is a perfectly good aiming device for the
> moon and it eliminates any errors in the Antenna controller and pots.  Bob
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> > To mount a camera on a beam in order to locate the moon
> > to work EME is a very bad procedure.
> > The correct procedure is to point the antenna system
> >  toward the Sun and get the maximum Sun Noise on receiver.
> > As soon the maximum Sun Noise is received please calibrate
> > the Azimuth and the Elevation of your control box relative
> > to the Sun position.
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> > Please don't ya'll laugh too hard at me.  Has anyone ever mounted a
> > camera on a beam?  Now I am not trying to see AO40, but I would like to
> > simply double check the location of my beam for eme.  If anyone has
> > mounted a camera on a beam, I would be interested in what you used.
> > Yes, I know all about beam width vs the moon.  I just hate to call CQ
> > with my beams pointed to the ground due to some Murphy type of failure.
> >
> > 73,
> > -james
> > W5AOO
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