[amsat-bb] PROITERES

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Mon Sep 10 03:11:16 PDT 2012

Hi all,
After 7 weeks of operating our Flagship Olympic and Paralympic event  
station 2O12W  ( Two Oscar One Two Whisky ).  We made over 17.000  contacts and 
in the early stages I was able to dedicate some time to
satellite contacts (over 40 ) and included the USA and  Canada .      The 
contacts were mainly via FO-29 and  VO-52
Alas I was unable to give my time to the better passes of  AO-7 sorry  to 
Due to local QRM I was also unable to make a contact with Cuba which I  had 
a request for.
Thanks to all for your support and patience with the contacts both on  
satellite and HF with this perhaps once in life opportunity of an Olympic  
Flagship in Wales.
The flame has gone out but the throat will be burning for a bit longer  Hi! 
Having caught up with the news I listened for "PROITERES"  this  morning 
from my home QTH and was able to hear the satellite quite well with just  my 
usual "ELK" antenna.
"Congratulations to the team and all concerned "
Ken Eaton
Amsat NA

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