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Yes, I've done that.

Only on a dx-pedition but it was also for EME.

I used a camera that needed to be plugged into 12V and produced a black 
and white image in video format so it could be sent straight to a 

What I found was that the moon was quite small on the screen and it 
wasn't obvious where to point the 4 x 19 ele yagis for 70cm.  The 
solution.....Easy.   Go outside and look down the booms and when I was 
happy it was in the right direction, go back inside and mark a cross 
with a felt tip marker on the TV screen.

Worked just fine. If you are really 'keen' you can add a circle around 
the cross representing the -3dB points.


David  G0MRF

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Please don't ya'll laugh too hard at me.  Has anyone ever mounted a
camera on a beam?  Now I am not trying to see AO40, but I would like to
simply double check the location of my beam for eme.  If anyone has
mounted a camera on a beam, I would be interested in what you used.
Yes, I know all about beam width vs the moon.  I just hate to call CQ
with my beams pointed to the ground due to some Murphy type of failure.

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