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>I can understand that!

>What I meant was that it could be launched as so many have been launched -- from the shuttle cargo bay.  But, no more >shuttles...Mr. Obama gave them all away. :(



Nothing like an AO-40 discussion to liven up the mail list.
Not to get into politics, but the above statement is incorrect.

Jan. 14, 2004, President Bush gave a speech on America's new vision for space
exploration,  In part he said...

"...The Shuttle's chief purpose over the next several years will be to help finish 
assembly of the International Space Station. In 2010, the Space Shuttle -- after 
nearly 30 years of duty -- will be retired from service..."

The shuttle last flight was July 8,2011, after the current administration approved the 
flight of STS-135, using the last flight ready SRB's and external tank.

Transcript of the speech can be found at:


73 Armando, N8IGJ

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