[amsat-bb] Re: AO40 replacement !!!

Prof. Arnaldo Coro Antich coro at enet.cu
Tue Sep 4 15:21:09 PDT 2012

Just read a posting about a possible replacement for the ill fated super
sophisticated over-engineered ultra complex AO40 satellite.
My perception is that any attempt to create a New Generation Molnya 
Orbit Satellite
must undergo a very serious and comprehensive engineering research , in 
to keep it within an area of simplicity that will make possible a much 
degree of reliability.
No, it is not a call for an ultra simple parrot satellite, or a medium 
level of sophistication...
what I am proposing is to achieve a consensus on how to keep the new 
within engineering performance parameters that will help to keep costs 
increase the MTBF ( Mean Time Between Failures ) of its equipment, and 
also to
achieve a high degree of operational control so that it can be kept working
for a long time.
In the meantime, until an AO40 Molnya satellite may be designed and 
funds can
be found to build it and then obtain a piggy back ride on a launch... it 
be nice to try to assemble one or more satellites that could follow the very
effective and practical designs of the RS10, RS12 and RS 15...
If such satellites are built they will certainly be most welcome at a 
scale, especially now that heliophysicists ( i.e. solar scientists ) are 
almost sure
that the present solar cycle and the one following are going to bring 
sunspot averages not seen in more than a century !!!
Maybe this posting could start a very productive thread on the AMSAT.BB 
amigos !!!
It would be nice to hear opinions and points of view from all around the 
on this topic
73 and DX
Prof. Arnaldo Coro Antich ( AKA Arnie Coro )
Emergency Coordinator IARU Region II Area C
Host of Dxers Unlimited radio hobby program
Radio Havana Cuba

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