[amsat-bb] Kauai BL02 Contacts

Tom Deeble - KA6SIP ka6sip at aol.com
Tue Sep 4 01:25:39 PDT 2012

Greetings from the North Shore of Kauai,

Today I was able to test that all my sat gear made the trip from California in working order.  Contacts were made via FO-29 & AO-27 as far away as Montana & Colorado using a dual FT-817 setup with an Arrow antenna and ARR 440 preamp.

I am fortunate to be here until Friday 9/14 and will try for more sat contacts.  My wife is busy setting up plans for us and her parents, to celebrate her parents 60th wedding anniversary.  So, my sat operating time is very limited, at least this week.

Here are passes I'll try to operate thru Friday 9/7.

Tuesday 9/4/12
FO-29  2220-2225Z  12:20-12:25 HAST
AO-27  2325-2330Z  13:25-13:30 HAST

Wednesday 9/5/12
FO-29  2126-2133Z  11:26-11:33 HAST
AO-27  2251-2254Z  12:51-12:54 HAST
SO-50  0024-0032Z  14:24-14:32 HAST

Friday 9/7/12
FO-29  2121-2127Z  11:21-11:27 HAST
SO-50  2341-2346Z  13:41-13:46 HAST

These are subject to change as there are frequent short rains and I don't have a weather-proof setup.

Later I'll try to post more times for this weekend and next week.

73's - KA6SIP/P in BL02

Tom Deeble - KA6SIP
Mt. Diablo Amateur Radio Club Membership Chairman
ka6sip at aol.com
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