[amsat-bb] SO-50 and FT-847

Michael J. Wolthuis wolthui3 at msu.edu
Sat Sep 1 07:47:12 PDT 2012

Good morning Amsat,


I have been struggling this morning to work SO-50 from an FT-847 and
wondering if I am missing something.


I had a 26deg pass today and could hear everyone fine.


I am transmitting on 145.8500 +/- auto Doppler correction.  I am using PL
encode set in the radio on 67hz.  I have the transmit on the subband and
receive on the main band.


Am I missing something simple?  I couldn't seem to get into the satellite
today no matter what I did.


I have never been able to work SO-50.  This same setup performed flawlessly
on AO-51.  My only thought is the CTCSS tone is not being generated or is
not transmitting on the SUB Band?  It does state ENC for Tone Encode on the
FT-847 sub band.


Curious what the list thinks I may have wrong?  I really want to get active
on SO-50 for the rest of the summer.


Thanks for any thoughts, ideas, past gotchas, etc..





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