[amsat-bb] For Sale - many items

Peter Sils du7la at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 30 14:19:00 PDT 2012

Hello all, I have the following for sale:
SSB Electronics SP-2000 LNA.  2 Meter Low Noise mast mounted GaAsFET preamp with helical filters. $330+ new, $239 shipped cont. U.S.
Advanced Receiver Research MSP-432VDG-160 LNA. 
.6 dB NF rf switching 5 watts – 160 watts. 
With Down East Microwave BTL Power Inserter. 
Looks a little ugly but works well.  $239+ new, $145 shipped cont. U.S.
Ampire Model 440 LNA. 430-440 Mhz RF switching .5 watts -100 watts. .75 db NF with helical filter. Looks a little ugly but works. $75 shipped cont. U.S.
Comet CF-4160 Duplexer 1.3 – 150 MHz SO-239, 400-540 MHz Female N. Input SO-239. New, never used (but can’t find the packaging – have the data sheet) $30 shipped Cont. U.S.
 Advanced Receiver Research P28VD 28-30 Mhz receive preamp. http://www.advancedreceiver.com/page5.html
$30 shipped Cont. U.S.
Arrow 146/437-10 Satellite Antenna, with M/B II Mounting Bracket.
Assembled and used a few times, with original documentation. 
Like new $55 plus shipping.
Diamond A144S5 (5 element yagi)  
Like new, used in attic. $30 plus shipping
 Diamond A430S10 (10 element yagi)
Like new, used in attic. $35 plus shipping
N Male jumpers 24" length LMR400 $5 each plus $5 shipping cont. U.S. I have qty 5. 2 are new, 3 are slightly used.
Please email me: KD0AA at Yahoo.Com
TNX for reading and God Bless.
73 Peter

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