[amsat-bb] Re: Original 13 colonies

Robert Coppock robertinorbit at webtv.net
Sat Jun 30 10:31:43 PDT 2012

Peter  wb2oqq,   '16:34 pass of AO-27' ?  is that edt ?   i see a pass at appx 1300pdt~2000utc on heavens above.  and fo29/jas-2 about 1/2 hr earlier.  are your keps current ?    i tried so-50 at 0820pdt~1520utc, heard a bunch of stations, but no 13colonies ops.  sorry, i would have emailed direct, but qrz is down now.Robert   k f zero g    cn81     jefferson state     seventhree  		 	   		  

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