[amsat-bb] Re: VO-52 in Mode J?

George Henry ka3hsw at att.net
Sun Jun 24 21:25:20 PDT 2012

Must have been a hardware issue at your end, as VO-52 was quite active for 
Field Day.  Remember, its downlink is on 2 meters, while AO-27 and FO-29 
downlink on 70cm, so hearing them would tell you nothing about your ability 
to hear VO-52 (or not).

George, KA3HSW

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> I dont't know, but I usually have zero trouble working VO-52 during Field 
> Day, but this year I never heard even a peep from it on about a dozen 
> passes that I tried. It felt almost as if the satellite was not there or 
> the transponder was off. Probably an equipment problem on my end, but I 
> was able to hear (but not work) AO-27 and FO-29 a few times, so I know I 
> at least had my Android phone set up properly for making pass predictions, 
> and they also matched the pass predictions on AMSAT.ORG online. So, unlike 
> prior years, when I've done stupid things like not correct for Daylight 
> Saving Time or updated the station coordinates, I know I at least had 
> those major goofs prevented. But I was shocked and disappointed that I 
> could not even hear the slightest bit of activity or signal return this 
> past weekend. Like I said, this has always been an excellent, reliable 
> linear transponder, so I was particularly surprised...
> W0JT (for the W0BU Field Day effort)

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