[amsat-bb] (no subject)

Robert Coppock robertinorbit at webtv.net
Sat Jun 16 19:25:57 PDT 2012

well, i just found this under the user service agreement= 9) Determine your own precedence based on your current communications 
   requirements for each pass.  In general, all use is routine except 
   for special circumstances.  Typical Special usage is for demonstra-
   tions, and long term events.  Priority usage may be for VIP demos 
   or special one-time events.  Use good judgment, being fair to all 
   other usrs.  To alert other users to your precedence/priority, Set 
   your period and position comment as follows:

   -----------  ----------  ------  -----  ------------------------
   Mobile/HT    Emergency  .2 min   any    EMERGENCY
                Priority   .5 min   any    PRIORITY
                Special     1 min   any    Special
                Routine     2 min   any    Off-duty,Enroute,...,etc
   Termnl Pkt*  ALL         X * 2   N/A    Short BText 
   Base Stns    ALL         X * 2   House  Off-Duty
   GPS Traker   ALL         X * 2   GPSxyz N/A
so, i guess routine notification status will work. (enroute, etc)i could never get thru no-44 until i changed to SPECIAL forsome reason.   k f zero g  		 	   		  

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