[amsat-bb] IC910 Options

Tom Lubbers K8TL k8tl at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 15 06:55:47 PDT 2012

Still don't know how to answer direct but:

I have the CW filter, It works but I have never needed it!  Of course the 1.2 Ghz module hasn't been used since AO-40 died. I turn the 1.2 Ghz module on every once in a while to blow the cob webs out of my 2C39 amp. Also have the UT-106 module, not sure if it does much that is noticeable at this location.  Only got the RX options for the main RX, couldn't anticipate needing the enhancements on both receivers at the same time. The CT-17 is real handy for interfacing the frequency tracking systems.  
In my opinion, if 1.2 GHz gets popular again there are better options than the internal module.

Unless you got burnt on the price, the 910 is probable the best buy for satellite work around.  You got everything but mode "A" and no bird on the ISS down link.
73 and see you on the birds,
Tom K8TL

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