[amsat-bb] Re: IC-910H options ?

George Henry ka3hsw at att.net
Thu Jun 14 10:13:41 PDT 2012

You will do just fine with the 910H as is...  The first one I ever tried had no 
options installed, and I loved it so much I promptly bought my own.  I have 
added the DSP and high-stability oscillator over the years (good eBay finds), 
but neither is a necessity for FM, SSB, or CW satellite operations, by any 
means.  I am keeping my eyes out for a 1.2 GHz module at a *reasonable* price, 
but again, I don't consider it all that important to my needs - just a "would be 
nice to have someday" item.

The best bang for your buck is investing in your antennas, low-loss coax, and a 
UHF preamp:  as the saying goes, you can't work 'em if you can't hear 'em!

George, KA3HSW

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> Subject: [amsat-bb] IC-910H options ?
> Hello folks.
> I'm totally new to sat operation and VHF/UHF operating (kind  of bored with 
> Since I already had a very nice HF and 6 meter rig,  after a bit of research on 
>the candidate rigs in my price range (the IC-9100  would have been nice except 
>for the $$) I recently purchased an ICOM  IC-910H. 
> The used market for the IC-910H rigs is not exactly cheap at that.  The Unit is 
>a very late model in new condition which is why I made a quick  decision and hit 
> It is a 'stock' unit with no optional modules; no  DSP, no narrow cw filters, 
>no 1.2 GHz module.
> There doesn't look to be much  satellite activity at 1.2 GHz but I'm 
>questioning my purchase now due to the  lack of options and my lack of 
> So is the stock unit  going to be a problem in working the sats (i'm interested 
>in working FM, SSB,  and CW ... perhaps later digital)? 
> Thanks for any  advice?
> chuck

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