[amsat-bb] Working the birds Heard the bird (AO-27)

Jimmy KC9PXZ kc9pxz at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 16:36:30 PDT 2012






Well today AT 1900 something UTC, AO-27 made a pass. (I don't know if
sending a attachment of the recording will work, or if it's allowed)  I
heard the bird, for the first time.  I did not try a contact as the goal was
to hear and track the bird,  get a idea of how to tune for Doppler effect. I
found it's a lot easier to just wave the antenna around and not use a tri
pod. The antenna I used was my home brew yagi's (based on the AM SAT easy
yagi's) with one tweak. I mounted them 90 degrees to each other one antenna
and two radio's (for full duplex) the receive radio was the new UV5R. I will
use my HTX 202 to transmit.  You have to un .rar the recording. That's the
only way I knew to make it small. I will try again tomorrow and maybe try to
make a contact. It's a lot to do at once listen for as well as  track the
bird with your  antenna &  record the pass (my phone only records like a
minute at a time). I will have to get something better. It's on now! 


KC9PXZ (EN43qt)


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