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Hi David, G0MRF

If you read the old issues of OSCAR-News from AMSAT-UK you
will realize that a serious traking program like PLAN-10 written
by James Miller G3RUH take into calculation all perturbations due
to inclination and velocity of the satellite due to Earths rotational
speed added / subtracted at either end of the pass and so doppler.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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Subject: [amsat-bb] Asymetric doppler curves?

> Hi all.
> I'm doing a small demonstration for a physics class using Doppler
> measurements on the HO-68 beacon.
> Hopefully we'll be able to calculate spacecraft velocity and from that
> result,  go on to calculate orbit altitude.  However, in thinking about
> this I realised that there is a potential source of error.   We are not
> stationary !!   - OK, it's obvious really, but I've never seen this
> mentioned in topics like Doppler correction programs and I've not seen
> it visually in displayed Doppler curves.
> The issue is that while a spacecraft with zero eccentricity will have a
> constant velocity, the speed relative to an observer on Earth at AOS
> and LOS will be different for each half of the pass depending on the
> observers latitude and the inclination of the satellite.
> The worse case would be something travelling East to West or West to
> East as the velocity of the satellite would have the Earths rotational
> speed added / subtracted at either end of the pass.
> Has anyone seen this effect? Perhaps on the ISS?    I think it could be
> as much as 7% which may be measurable. - But not on HO-68 which is
> polar orbiting....
> Just want to make the most of my 45 minutes.
> Thanks
> David  G0MRF
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