[amsat-bb] Re: a couple tweaks to work AO-27 & SO-50

Clint Bradford clintbrad4d at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 9 10:22:49 PDT 2012

>> ... The other thought is that I have what I call a "ball" compass ...

Jimmy - do not over-think this.

The AMSAT data page you are using gives you the AOS (acquisition) and LOS (loss of signal) compass points. 

Just visualize those in your mind, and look at the compass point for the MAX ALT.

The MAX EL point will tell you if the sat will be towards the East or the West - and, of course, the MAX ALTITUDE 
wiill tell you how far off the horizon.

So just visualize a "sweep" from AOS to LOS - and the MAX EL point in the center.

Yes, I started with an altimeter and compass - but now I just take a compass along to have someone else perform "
navigator" tasks at demos. But although this is rocket science, it really isn't (grin). You will get to a point where you 
won;t even take the printout with you outside: You wiill just realize a N-to-S or S-to-N pass, and where off the horizon it will be at its max.

And make sure you program for the Doppler effect on the 440 side of the V/U birds - and switch to the couple of memories ABOVE as you 

Clint K6LCS

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