[amsat-bb] a couple tweaks to work AO-27 & SO-50

Jimmy KC9PXZ kc9pxz at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 10:02:20 PDT 2012

Good Morning,

     First I want to take a moment to say thank you to those that sent me
off list E mails with advice. I have a couple tweaks I have been thinking
on. One is due to easier set up.  setting up my 3 element yagi & my 70CM 6
element yagi @ 90 degrees to each other. Still using two radio's so I can be
full duplex. What are peoples thoughts as to setting my antennas up 90
degrees to each other?

    The other thought is that I have what I call a "ball" compass there is
North, South,  East & West on the top & the same on the side with degree
marks on it. All I need now is something to tell me how many degrees up from
the horizon I am. I thought if I could find something to print out with
degrees to scale on it and put that on a piece of cardboard, wood or
something. Then take a string & put washers on it to act as a counter
weight. The string would stay in the same place but the scale would move as
I point the tripod up or down.  Then I would read it to know how many
degrees up or down I am from the horizon. The problem is I don't know what
there called so I am not sure what to search on google to find the scale.
What is that called?





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