[amsat-bb] Request for reception reports: AubieSat-1

John Klingelhoeffer wb4lnm at aol.com
Fri Jun 8 17:51:44 PDT 2012

Amateur radio control operators will attempt to change the transmission mode of AubieSat-1 this weekend to increase the quantity of telemetry.  This increased telemetry will provide data to indicate how well solar cell protection is working.   It should also provide additional onboard housekeeping information.

Telemetry reception reports would be appreciated.  Transmissions are CW and formats and frequencies have been published previously on AMSAT-BB.  Downlink is on 70 cm.  Reception results posted here to the BB will enable data to be shared with everyone.  

The orbits when commanding is planned are as follows:

09 June: 20:49-21:00 (MDT) Max Elev 50 deg
10 June: 10:09-10:23 (MDT) Max Elev 83 deg
11 June: 10:29-10:43 (MDT) Max Elev 61 deg

Commanding will be attempted from north central United States. Thanks and 73.

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