[amsat-bb] Re: 1K grids

K5OE k5oe at aol.com
Tue Jun 5 18:31:07 PDT 2012

WhiIle I did have a dozen left over from 2003 on AO-40 (SK). a few new grids can be attributed to "modern" rovers, including ND9M, WD9EWK, and W5PFG.  However, most of these new grids are credited to Yuri, UT1FG.  Yuri was/is a great op, often on multiple overnight FO-29 passes (ZZZZZZZ) when in range.  I worked him sporatically during daylight hours due to work, but was ever so grateful to give up a little sleep for such rare wet grids as he so generoursly provided.  Also worthy of a Best Supporting Actor Award is Eugene, UT0FY, who is Yuri's QSL manager.

If there was ever a reason to improve your satellite station, it is to get ready for his next trip once his summer vacation is over in Ukraine :-)
Jerry, K5OE
KK5DO writes:
> Congrats to Jerry, K5OE. He just submitted his VUCC upgrade to 1,000 grids 
> today, actually 1,008 but who';s counting. 
> It was an easy set of cards to check. About 30 from a bunch of hams and 100 or 
> so grids from Yuri. Not a bad haul. and... I have never worked Yuri on 
> satellite. 

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