[amsat-bb] Re: European Lunar Lander - Call for Declarations

STeve Andre' andres at msu.edu
Fri Jun 1 21:20:35 PDT 2012

On 06/01/12 19:54, Daniel Schultz wrote:
> Keep in mind that any ham radio transponder on the moon will not be an "easy
> sat". You will need an EME class station to work it.
> If we build a lunar transponder, we can expect to see many, many postings on
> Amsat-BB about how Amsat only cares about elite hams and is not interested in
> building satellites for the common ham.
> I'm not saying it wouldn't be fun to have a transponder on the moon, and we in
> the USA might even be able to help you build it if they get ITAR fixed in
> time, but we better put on the flame proof trousers when we announce the
> project to the masses.
> Dan Schultz N8FGV
Are you sure about that, Dan?  I'm hardly an expert on EME, still
looking to get there, but based on numbers I worked with some
time ago, even 500mW from the Moon should be copyable with
a good radio, with a yagi and possibly a  preamp.  This is not to
say that a random HT would work, but I don't think we're talking
of the classic EME-capabile station.

--STeve Andre'
wb8wsf  en72

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