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Thomas Doyle tomdoyle1948 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 15:03:33 PDT 2012


Thanks for all the positive feedback I received on the SimpleSat Look Down
It is very rewarding to share something with the satellite community and
have it well

I have been informed by the AMSAT administration that my YouTube video and
the 'SimpleSat Look Down' program is in violation of one or more of their

To comply with their requirements I have modified the program and shot and
uploaded a new YouTube video.

The new version of the program has been uploaded to the web site and the
website now
links to the new YouTube video.

To keep within the Spirit of the AMSAT regulations I think it would be best
if all those
who downloaded the 'SimpleSat Look Down' program destroy any copies they
may have
of the program then download and use only the new version. Don't worry, the
program has
not changed much. I do not want anyone else to get in trouble with the
AMSAT administration.

The new YouTube video looks great in full screen HD.


You can download the new AMSAT compliant version of the program on the


The only remaining problem is the page on the AMSAT-UK web site they so
put up has a direct link to the offending YouTube video. Unfortunately
does not allow any changes to a video once it has been uploaded. As a result
I had to upload the new video and this resulted in a new link address. Since
I had to delete the illegal video there is now a dead link on the AMSAT-UK
Sorry but there is no other way to do it.


None of this is a big deal. Have fun.

73 de W9KE Tom Doyle

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