[amsat-bb] Having trouble getting on the SSB birds...

W M Willoughby redski at bellsouth.net
Mon Jul 30 05:50:20 PDT 2012

I have made a few QSOs on the SSB birds while running half-duplex. Now, I am
trying to implement full duplex using an FT-817, an FT-897 and an Arrow
antenna on an az-el rotator. Separate coax cables connect the FT-897 to the
70 cm part of the Arrow and the FT-817 to the 2m part. I have a diagram of
this setup that I could post.


On the 1215Z pass of AO-07 just now, I was able to hear my CW signal while
sending a string of dits. I set the FT-817 to 145950 CW mode with no Doppler
correction and listened via headphones. On the FT-897, I started
transmitting at 432150 CW with no Doppler correction. Eventually my transmit
frequency reached 432146.1 and I heard my dits on the FT-817. Then I entered
3900 as the Upl Calibr in the CAT menu of SatPC32. I switched the FT-817 to
USB mode and the FT-897 to LSB and clicked on the Doppler correction (the
C+) in SatPC32. Using a handheld mic on the FT-897, I called a short CQ, but
did not hear my voice. I have the FT-817 as the top radio in the Radio Setup
menu of SatPC32 and the FT-897 as the bottom radio.


With all of these settings, there is ample opportunity for error! Can anyone
offer any suggestions to get me straightened out here? Thanks in advance for
any assistance.


Red, KC4LE



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