[amsat-bb] DOKA-B/ Yubileiny

andy thomas andythomasmail at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jul 29 08:56:34 PDT 2012

Everything I now about Doka-b is at:
I have seen it in action, it is a combined hard wired modem interface and az/el controller at the ground station end. It is only available to Russian (diaspora?) universities and is a protected commercial secret.
Each setup is unique to the particular university research project and multiple projects at different Russian universities have their own groundstations.  
I think you have to consider the satellite part as one half of a whole network with the ground station which performs the connection being the other half of the circuit. To that extent, consider the satellite as having its own tcp/ip address, and its transceiver operating in a psk variant using radio to link instead of a cable.  A lot of handshaking etc.
I don't think there is a broadcast mode in Doka-b, just the circuit, although it is understood to be possible for the transmitter to beacon images and other data.
73 de andy g0sfj

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