[amsat-bb] One questiong for ant hombrewers...

Pável Milanés Costa co7wt co7wt at frcuba.co.cu
Mon Jul 23 05:13:57 PDT 2012

Hi to all.

I'm Pavel Milanes, CO7WT, from Cuba, member of the GROS.

I have a question in my head and I have not enough arguments to decide, I have to BUILD my own antennas, so having this into account:

What is the most cost effective (cost / gain / difficult in building / omni pattern) that can I build?

I have in plans to build a LNA from a servian pdf using the BF998 MOSFET, that will be at the antenna point, Andrew Heliax LDF-4 50 ohms for the download to the shack and of course this is a FIXED antenna, with NO rotors.

I have heard of and modeled all this ones and all have his pros and cons...
- Turnstile dipoles
- Turnstile moxons (100 ohms)
- Eggbeater

I think (correct me if I'm wrong) that the best election will be the QFH, because his really omni pattern, beside the fact that I will have to build two of them (rhcp and lhcp switched properly with a relay) and the lower gain will be 'compensated' with the LNA...

Please, I don't want to start a flag war, only heard about some experiences to decide my self.

Last tip, TRX on 70 cm will be a Kenwood channelized TK-382N for FM (5W) and TRX on 2m will be a Alinco DR-130.


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