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Erich Eichmann erich.eichmann at t-online.de
Sun Jul 22 10:21:11 PDT 2012

Hello Kelley,
to steer both radios you only need a single COM port and  a single CAT
interface or "CAT cable" with - for example - an y-adapter.
In menu "Radio Setup" , "Radio 1"  section, choose Icom for brand and the
IC-706MKIIG for model. Set the CAT baudrate to 19200, do the same at the
In the menu set the first of the 2 Icom addresses for the IC-706MKIIG ($58
by default) and the 2nd one for the IC-746 ($56 by default). Click
"Addresses OK". Choose a proper COM port and set the CAT delay to 50 (try
the lowest working value lateron). Leave all other options in menu "Radio
Setup" unchecked. Set the Radio 2 section to "None".
Save the settings and restart the program. Click the "C" control to "C+".
With v/u sats (FO-29, SO-50)  the program should now steer the IC-706 as RX
and the IC-746 as TX. With SSB sats you can tune th IC-706 around the
passband and the IC-746 will follow.

To steer the radios with u/v sats (VO-52, AO-07) set the second address pair
in menu "Radio Setup" to the vice versa addresses (first value for the
IC-746, second value for the IC-706). Save the changes and restart the
The program will start with the settings for v/u sats. To run with u/v sats
open menu "Mode" and select the 2nd address line. The IC-746 will now run as
the RX on VHF and the IC-706 as TX on UHF. You can tune the IC-746 in the
passband with its VFO and the IC-706 will follow.

73s, Erich, DK1TB

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Satellite newby here, trying to setup a station...

For all you SatPC32 users, a question. I'm using the software with 2
radios. One is an Icom IC-706MKIIG, the other is a Icom IC-746. While
the 706 covers vhf and uhf, the 746 only covers vhf.

The way my version of SatPC32 is set, it tries (depending on the
satellite) to set the 746 to uhf. I suspect there is a way to tell the
software that a radio can only do vhf, but can't seem to find where to
do that. Anyone know?


Kelley - WØRK

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