[amsat-bb] Request for help with ECHO 70 rig that could put me back on ham satellites

JoAnne Maenpaa k9jkm at comcast.net
Fri Jul 20 18:35:13 PDT 2012

This arrived on the ANS-Editor list and is probably better handled on the
amsat-bb so here it is ...

Subject: [ans-editor] Re: Request for help with ECHO 70 rig that could put
me back on ham satellites

Dear amigos :
I am new to this list. My very good friend CO6CBF Hector asked me to make
a comeback into the ham satellites world.
I found an ECHO 70 KLM transceiver that was in bad shape, but that could
be repaired. Now it is receiving , but on transmit the power is only 1 
The receive sensitivity is not great, but enough for Hector to make a two
way contact with it... Hector has a very good 70 cms band antenna system
that really helped.
The 70 cms signal level at the input of the first of two output filters is
10 Watts, measured with professional test instruments, but after the
filters there is only 1 Watt.
I suggested to Hector that he blew hot air over the ceramic trimmers
of the two filters in order to remove humidity ...
It worked on one of the filters... now there is good power output
on the 435 megaHertz segment , but 432 megaHertz is still at the
low power output level.
FYI, we are not authorized to operate on the 432 megaHertz segment
used by the Oscar 7 AO7 ancient satellite... but do have permission
to operate on the 435 megaHertz segment that other satellites use.
We are looking forward to a rules changes that will allow us to
use the 432 mHz segment soon.
Any information about the ECHO 70 KLM transceiver that can be found
will be most useful, as once the rig is in good working conditions it
will be used frequently from my EL83td grid square location in downtown
Havana, and possibly by mini dx satellite expeditions to other nearby
grid squares too.
If the files that contain the information about the ECHO 70 KLM rig
are large, please send them to:
arnaldo.coro at gmail dot com

Thanks in advance for your help and hope to make many new friends
in my return to the amateur satellites world after many years
of absence * I am from the days of Oscar 7, RS 10 and RS 12 and
RS 15 * !!!!

73 and DX
Arnie Coro

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