[amsat-bb] Fwd: [PNWVHFS] Satellite ANTENNA System for Sale Pluss M2 2M18xxx Antenna FOR SALE

Bob- W7LRD w7lrd at comcast.net
Wed Jul 18 10:40:49 PDT 2012

I am fowarding this for a local ham... 

73 Bob W7LRD 

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  Hello Group, 

  I have the following Antenna's for Sale. 

  1ea M2 2M18xxx Yagi 2 meter's $299 or best offer excellent condition 

  1ea Amateur Satellite system includes $1500 or best offer 
      a. GM RT-424 Tapered Tower with GM thrust bearing 
      b. 2ea Yaesu G-5400B Az/EL rotators and 2ea 100ft control cables, 2ea controller,s 
      c. 1ea fiber glass cross bar 
      d. 1ea Yaseu GS-232B Computer Controller 
      e. 1ea KLM 2m-4x 2 mtr antenna 4 element beam 
      f. 1ea Diamond 430mhz 15 element Beam 
     g.misc coax 

  We are having a new roof put on so took everything down. I don't plan on doing Amateur Satelite in the future. 
  This system has performed well for me. 

  cess120 at msn.com<mailto:cess120 at msn.com> 

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