[amsat-bb] HRD etc.

Richard Lawn rjlawn at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 13:45:33 PDT 2012

I'm back at our summer lake place and trying again to work birds using a
TS2000 and stationary antennas which I've been experimenting with now for 2
summers.  Not very impressive just yet but also fooling around with
different software including macdoppler and HRD satellite software running
windows on a MacBook pro. I spend too much time it seems trying to find
myself, in part because I'm more used to my ft847 at home which I prefer to
the kenwood. Anyone out there using the ts2000 have any suggestions for
finding yourself using cw and HRD or macdoppler I'd appreciate the advice.
I've learned with these stationary antennas that QSOs are possible but you
have to move quickly.

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