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> I am installing a different tripod for my satellite antennas.  25 feet tall with 5 feet between   the legs at the base.  It will be set up to be tipped over for antenna access.  Does anyone have any experience with a similar system?  I have a few ideas already from my elmer J oe-K0VTY.  You can neve r have too much information.  I have a welder, concrete mixer and strong grandsons for moving things around.  Pictures available upon request.  Any ideas are appreciated. 
> 73 Bob W7LRD 
> CN87 
Hi Bob

Just go on my web page www.qsl.net/ve2dwe i have 3 4X4 wood post. The 3 bottom post are drilled to pass a metal round bolt making the 
center pole moving from flat to ground to vertical. When i want to secure the middle post i drilled a hole through the 3 top pole section 
and i insert another long bolt through them with two nuts making a very strong structure. I even attached a DME tower section to the middle 
post making any antenna adjustment available at any convenient height.

To move this middle section i'm using a double pulley system and i included a manual winch to have more control on the middle section 

This system was holding a 7.5 foot dish (Old TVRO) until the metal mast inside the DME broke in a winter ice storm.


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