[amsat-bb] Re: U-110 Rotor Setup

Joel Black w4jbb at charter.net
Tue Jul 3 04:41:27 PDT 2012

Okay, that sounds familiar, John.  It had pots that may have been belt 
driven that increased or decreased the resistance depending on rotation.

Something else I remember - the person put a plastic garbage can over it 
to keep out the rain.  I know why he did that.  I just find it amusing 
that I remember that detail.

Let me ask one other question before I get to comments.  I actually have 
one U-100 and one U-110.  Is this going to be an issue?  I'm not sure 
what the difference is.

@AA5AM:  Don't put too much into it.  I thought someone might remember 
it off the top of their head.  There are several solutions that I got 
that may be better than what I was looking for.

@KL7XJ:  I vaguely remember the SatEL being advertised in the Journal.  
I think it is time to renew my AMSAT membership and maybe purchase those 

@VK4HHH:  I have looked at K8DAV's setup quite a bit.  I got myself 
confused thinking it only worked over a parallel port (that is an issue 
but can be overcome unless portable/field).  However, I realized the 
basic stamp controller worked over a serial port (not an issue).  I may 
go this route, but I'm still looking for options. Will this setup work 
using SatPC32 which was my preferred tracking software when I was 
satellite active?

@KO6TH:  I like your approach.  Let me see if I got my head wrapped 
around your design - serial interface to the FODtrack board which then 
controlled your controller?  That's pretty cool.

@VU2POP:  Very nice homebrew tower and rotor setup.

Still working out my options.  I just want something simple that I can 
take to the field using a modern laptop.

Lot's of good suggestions here.

Downloaded the form to renew my AMSAT membership too.

Joel - W4JBB

On 7/3/2012 5:09 AM, John / NS1Z wrote:
> I think you are referring to the satellite compendium put out many 
> years ago. Ii am sure it is out of print now. Over the years I built a 
> couple and one even auto track (but a LOT of work)
> -----Original Message----- From: Joel Black
> Sent: Monday, July 02, 2012 6:09 PM
> Subject: [amsat-bb] U-110 Rotor Setup
> I am looking for an old article regarding the use of two U-110 rotors
> for satellite operations.
> I have gone through all my old references and cannot find what I'm
> looking for.
> Basically, it was a setup using two U-110's (or it could have been two
> U-100's).  The homemade controller used either toggle or rocker switches
> and had a digital readout of AZ/EL using DVOM's.  As far as I remember,
> it was all manual.  I remember seeing this in the back of some
> publication, but I cannot find it.
> Does anyone have any inkling of and idea what I'm talking about?
> 73,
> Joel - W4JBB
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