[amsat-bb] Re: U-110 Rotor Setup

Andy Kellner hawat1 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 2 20:21:06 PDT 2012

I am not sure if thats exactly what u are looking for, but here is some material which might help you further. The setup is not strictly for 2 x u110 rotors, but can be adapted for other
simple non-feedback rotors (radio shack etc.) as well.:

Original idea, setup and software from K8DAV: http://www.k8dav.com/u100_info.htm

KC2PCR's implementation with 2 U 110 rotors: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHTEHUlqilk

I took K8DAV's software and extended it a bit, so it works fine over the parallel port (with no basic stamp controller) and a Radio Shack rotor for AZ and a homebrew rotor for EL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-nBYvPYOy4

Some pictures: http://evolution2enterprises.com/sat/sat.html

Feel free to email me if you have questions.

Andy - VK4HHH

 From: Joel Black <w4jbb at charter.net>
To: AMSAT <amsat-bb at amsat.org> 
Sent: Tuesday, 3 July 2012 8:09 AM
Subject: [amsat-bb] U-110 Rotor Setup
I am looking for an old article regarding the use of two U-110 rotors for satellite operations.

I have gone through all my old references and cannot find what I'm looking for.

Basically, it was a setup using two U-110's (or it could have been two U-100's).  The homemade controller used either toggle or rocker switches and had a digital readout of AZ/EL using DVOM's.  As far as I remember, it was all manual.  I remember seeing this in the back of some publication, but I cannot find it.

Does anyone have any inkling of and idea what I'm talking about?

Joel - W4JBB
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