[amsat-bb] ZW2WEB weather ballon ICARO

Roland Zurmely py4zbz at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 28 04:54:29 PDT 2012

An weather balloon will be released from Meteorological Research Institute (IPMet) of University of São Paulo State (UNESP) at Bauru campus and will carry up to an altitude of about 25km, a radiosonde and a beacon (voice transmitter), with the special callsign ZW2WEB. The radiosonde will transmit to the ground  station all data ​​of pressure, temperature, humidity, speed, wind direction and location. A radioamateur station will uplink this information which will be relayed by the beacon. Any radioamateur station, equipped with a receiver in the VHF frequency of 144.330 MHz will be able to receive the information and build a log with the meteorological data and, therefore, be able to identify layers of the atmosphere and the transition between them: troposphere, tropopause and stratosphere. 


73 de Roland.

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