[amsat-bb] New use for APRS

Jim Wright wrightjrjr at verizon.net
Sat Apr 21 16:42:20 PDT 2012

Battery condition tester?

When I got out of my Silverado last weekend with the Kenwood 710 left on 
in beacon mode and voice alert, the dummy that was driving forgot to 
turn off the 710.  After sitting for a week in this condition while I 
went in for surgery, the battery was dead when I tried to start the 
truck today.  First I thought the key fob battery was dead, so I entered 
with a key.  Truck would not start, not even the errrrhhhhh or click 
click of the flywheel trying to engage.

I was curious how long it was able to transmit, so I went to APRS.FI and 
looked for my last 1000 raw packets.  It turns out that it died on 04-19 
at 0412utc.  A search will show the next packet was at22:05:19utc on 
4-21, so this makes a good monitor of when the radiio is too weak to  
speak APRS.

I thought you would get a chuckle out of this and maybe even produce an 
app for our cell phones that will tell us we left the radio on.  HI   I 
know the 710 is not wired through a switched connection to the battery 
(on purpose) so I can work events with the keys in my pocket.

73, and thanks for all the fun I have had since I heard packet racket 
for the first time on K4UMI's 146.34/94 repeater at the Lunar Lander at 
NACA Langley and got a GLB PK1 to decode it with.

Jim WA4IVM  FM17rc

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