[amsat-bb] Re: KH2?

Stephen Melachrinos melachri at verizon.net
Tue Apr 17 03:56:52 PDT 2012

A couple of people have responded to me, but it's not clear that the geography and geometry is obvious to everyone.

>From all I've read, the maximum distance anyone has worked AO-27 is about 3300 miles. This distance is limited by the altitude of the satellite. (My calculation of the AO-27 footprint diameter at apogee is 3775 miles, but that would imply a zero-duration window with a satellite at the exact midpoint. 3300 miles seems reasonable to allow time for a short QSO.)

Guam is about 3800 miles WSW of Honolulu, so even that path is not possible, let alone anything on North America. Possibilities within a 3000 mile range appear to be places like Japan, China, Taiwan, Philippines, maybe Australia, etc.  

Steve Melachrinos
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