[amsat-bb] Re: Question on your old Landwehr amps

Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL vlfiscus at mcn.net
Wed Apr 11 14:59:41 PDT 2012

At 09:47 PM 4/10/2012 -0400, mryan301 at comcast.net wrote:
>Hello Vincent,
>I ran across an old posting of yours below.
>I have the same problem (cost me a lot of ladder work before I figured out 
>that it was the 2M amp causing my desense or “hash”). Did you ever 
>find a workaround that let you use the 2M amp in line?
>Mike Ryan

Hi Mike,

No I haven't solved my desense issue, but it really isn't an issue for me 
on the LEO satellites.  It was more a pain when we had Phase III birds as 
their downlink signals were a lot weaker.  Others with mode J desense 
issues have tried putting a duplexer between the antenna and preamp and had 
success removing the desense.  You might try that.

I'm also including this to the Amsat-BB list because there might be others 
with some idea's you can explore.

73, KB7ADL

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