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NASA, SpaceX Announce NASA Social for Falcon 9 Launch Attempt

Source: NASA HQ
Posted Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WASHINGTON -- NASA and Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) will 
invite 50 of their social media followers to a two-day NASA Social 
April 29-30 at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The event is 
expected to culminate in the launch of SpaceX's second Commercial 
Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) demonstration flight. SpaceX's 
Falcon 9 rocket is targeted to lift off at 12:22 p.m. EDT on April 30, 
in an attempt to become the first commercial company to send a space-
craft to the International Space Station.

Registration opens at noon EDT Thursday, April 5, and closes at noon 
Friday, April 6. Fifty participants will be selected from online 

For more information on NASA Social and to register, visit: 

A NASA Social is an event for people who use NASA's social media 
accounts. For this event, fans and followers on Twitter, Facebook 
and Google+ are eligible to register. Participants will have unique 
in-person experiences with SpaceX and NASA, which they are encourag-
ed to share with others through their favorite social network. Guests 
will view the launch, tour NASA facilities at Kennedy, speak with 
representatives from both organizations, view the SpaceX launch pad, 
meet fellow space enthusiasts who are active on social media, and 
meet members of SpaceX and NASA's social media teams.

SpaceX will launch its Dragon spacecraft atop its Falcon 9 launch ve-
hicle to test and prove its systems for a rendezvous with the space 
station. The flight's objectives include a fly-under of the station 
to validate operation of sensors and flight systems necessary for a 
safe rendezvous, berthing to the station and returning the Dragon 
spacecraft to Earth.

Because portions of this event may take place in restricted areas, 
registration is limited to U.S. citizens.

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