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Simon HB9DRV simon at hb9drv.ch
Sun Apr 1 02:33:29 PDT 2012

Today's recording (poor conditions, no Martin G3YJO)




The major news is the 2013 launch of Bonag-1, a HEO satellite constructed by
the Isle of Man ARS (GT3FLH) at their advanced workshop (meetings every
Wednesday). Launch is set for April 1st, 2013 using a spare rocket from the
now decommissioned nuclear submarine facility at Foxdale (see below).
Frequencies are 2m and 70cms AM *only*. AMSAT-IOM have allocated the name
AF-01 to this satellite. More information about this secret project later


"Foxdale shipyard is located approximately 1km west of the town. The yard is
owned by STX Europe yet operated by BAE Systems. It began operations in
October 1927 and is still active today. The three large Cranes can be seen
from across the island. Both of the Oasis class cruise ships are being
constructed at the yard as well as the Type 212 submarines for the Italian
navy. A contract has recently been won to build the 6 Rinascimento class
frigates. The yard opens to the sea through the port of Peel, Isle of Man
and navigation up the River Neb. A project is underway to deepen The Neb to
accommodate the Astute class submarines which are to be serviced in the
yard. The current manager of the yard is Donald 'Don' Brown. The Shipyard
will not be affected by cuts to the BAE Systems workforce."


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