[amsat-bb] VY1RM is QRV Satellite from Whitehorse, YT CP20

Doug Papay doug.papay at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 21:03:32 PDT 2011

Hello All,

After many months of station design, assembly and testing, Ron VY1RM in
Whitehorse, YT Canada CP20, is now QRV satellite.  Ron, having been active
on satellite many years ago, was already equipped with the necessary
antennas and radios, but had required a rotor upgrade to get his antennas
pointing automatically.  This past summer, he and a team of local hams
reinstalled his antennas on a G-5500 rotor at his QTH.  He is now running
SatPC32 to control both the rotor (with LVBTracker) and his radios. Ron's
accomplishment puts a permanent satellite station in the Yukon Territory
(likely the only one.)

Please be listening for Ron VY1RM on both FM and linear birds in the weeks
to come; give him a call if you happen to hear his callsign and welcome him
back to satellite!

In addition to the fact that Ron will put the rare CP20 grid within reach,
the Yukon territory is also a valid entity for those who are working on the
AMSAT sexagesimal or century awards.  And for those up for a real
challenge--the CANADAward is available from the RAC for those who complete a
2-way QSO with each of Canada's 13 provinces/territories via satellite. (not



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