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Excerpt from Press Release of September 19, 2011


Tampa FL, St. Paul MN, Pittsburgh PA - September 19, 2011 - 

Mike Carper (WA9PIE), Randy Gawtry (K0CBH) and Rick Ruhl (W4PC) have
acquired the source and rights to the Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) suite of

All three principals have more than 25 years of experience with radio data


Rick Ruhl (W4PC) is the president of W4PC Software, Inc. whose products
include the PakRatt, PKTerm and Radio Operations Center software suites. 

Randy Gawtry (K0CBH) is the president of Timewave Technology Inc. whose
products include the PK and DSP families of data controllers and other
commercial data products. 

Mike Carper (WA9PIE) is an experienced Fortune 500 technology executive,
educator, and featured speaker in the areas of wireless technologies and IT
Service Management.


"After many years writing the HRD software it's necessary to take a break
and hand the whole project over to another team," said Simon Brown (HB9DRV).

"The support effort required has become more than I can realistically manage
- with many thousands of users, new radios and other hardware appearing all
the time and unexpected changes to the infrastructure used by HRD such as
QRZ.com I no longer have any time at all for other projects. 

As some of you will know I have formed a company SDR-RADIO.com GmbH and am
now working in the Software Defined Radio arena with RFspace. 

This is the technology of the future; a future which I want a part of. 

In 2012 I plan to return to England and get back on the air, something I
haven't done much during the last 25 years."

The new owners of HRD are in the process of building a development
environment for HRD and plans to begin by addressing some of the bugs 

in the existing "To Do List" for an upcoming 5.1 release. The 5.1 release
will be made available at no charge to registered users when completed.




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Does anyone on this list have a working E-Mail address for HB9DRV the
developer of Ham Radio Deluxe?  I would like to get in touch with him as I
have a few questions regarding the satellite tracking portion of the
software.  Thanks in advance.



Dave Marthouse N2AAM

dmarthouse at gmail.com


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