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Sun Sep 25 11:51:47 PDT 2011

So, What is your "modest proposal"??

Jeff  --  KE7ACY

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The bulletin board system AMSAT is using is well suited for information that
is useful for only a relatively short time. If there is a trip to a rare
grid location that information is of little use after the event takes place.
IMHO what is missing is a way to share information that has relevance beyond
a few days.

When I became active again on the sats I asked a question on the board. I
received an email telling me that "that question has been asked several
times before". It was helpful beyond belief.

In the last few days someone posted a nice check list of things to do to try
and get your SatPC32 station running. A bit later someone posted a
correction that added a vital step that was missing in the first posting.
Suppose a newbie subscribes to the board today - he has already looked at
the articles from 1997-2004 in the new users section on the AMSAT website
but needs a little current info. He posts a message on the board asking
about getting his SatPC32 station working. Lets hope no one sends him a
message telling him that "that question has been asked before". I also hope
no one sends him a message suggesting he uses the search funtion. That would
be like the 4th grade teacher who responded to my question "How do you spell
pneumonia ?" - by telling me to "Look it up in the dictionary" - I spent a
lot of time looking for words that started with "N" before asking my folks
when I got home.

If they did search - what would they look for. What are the chances that
they would find the initial post AND the correction post. I realize
everything is perfect as it is but perhaps it would be nice to have
something similar to the Yahoo Groups where subscribers can post files and
pictures of things that would be of interest for more than a day or two.
Take a look at the SDR-Radio or Softrock groups on Yahoo. There are files
and pictures that have been very helpful to me. There was a recent posting
here from someone asking for a current Doppler.SQF file. I sent him mine but
it would have been better if there was a place to store it where anyone
could access it.

Some people have their stations working well but are not all that excited
about spending a lot of time documenting it and posting it for a handful of
people who might look at it before it disappears into the abyss of the
message archive.

You may not like what you read but be thankful I fought the urge to include
some sort of Jonathan Swift reference.
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