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> See Below,

> On 9/22/2011 5:50 PM, Ted wrote:

> > "Are the linear sats too complicated?

> NO!

> > Do people not have SSB and CW equipment or are they just not interested
> > anymore."

> That is Hard to say,,

> > Tom, speaking only for me, I have tried several times to work a linear.
> > I have a TS 2000 with the sat function and HRD sat program which
> > allegedly adjust the Doppler, 2m/440 SSB and a Elk on a rotor w/fixed
> > el..  Try as I might, I cannot get the tx and rx to match so I can
> > duplex.

> There is a simple fix to this,,  SHUT ALL THAT CRAP OFF! In the 70's we
> didn't have anything like that. The flight computer if you were lucky to
> have one was a piece of cardboard with a clear plastic overlay to tell
> you where the Bird is,
> An "Oscar Locator" it was called.
> As far as doppler correction,,, we turned the large knob on the front of
> the radio,  thats our doppler correction system.

> > There just does not seem to be single primer that one can follow on how
> > to accomplish the process. There are multiple opinions from individuals,
> > but not much of a consensus on a good standard process. Admittedly, I
> > have problem not given a fair amount of time on my technique as I was
> > concentrating on VUCC. Now that that will go to the card checker
> > tomorrow, I need to spend some time on the linear. I just wish there was
> > a 'manual'

> It's called doing it "Manually"
> Simple and very effective  thousands of hams did it for decades, no
> reason it won't work now.
> Joe WB9SBD

> > 73, Ted
> > K7TRK

Hi Joe, WB9SBD

I agree completely with you because I started to work satellites with
OSCAR-6 not to collect grids but to improve my knowledge in
radio tecnology.

Put now an "Oscar Locator" in the hand of a satellite newcomer is like
to say to him to drive a Ford Model T called also Tin Lizzie or Flivver
and he will bump into a wall !

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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