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> Hello,
> We are looking for a UHF amplifier (430-440MHz) for a transceiver to go
> from 10 mW to ~ 75W.
> Most of the amps were are funding require a much stronger
> input power than we can do. Note, it's a transceiver, so we want to be
> able to receive through the system as well.  This is for half duplex
> satellite communication using a USRP radio.
> Do you have any suggested amps?
> Thanks,
> --James, KF6RFX

Hi James, KF6RFX

75 / 0.01 watt = 7500 time in power or 39 dB in power gain and no commercial
RF amplifier in 70 cm is available to supply such high power gain.

Since you want to be able to receive as well through the system then to add
a postamplifier that would boost the 10 mW to say 5 watt and use this low
power to drive a 75 watt PA it became complicated because of relay switching
the same tranceiver between RX to TX

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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